Sparkly tape

Tie Dye Tape

#hooptastic happy scrappy hoops

Happy Scrappy Class Hoops


Class Hoops

#hooptastic a custom order

A Custom Order PE beginner to intermediate hoop


Taped 7/8 Polypro


Taped Polypro the "Heavenly Hoop"

Another polypro.

Taped Polypro

#100happydays _A fun filled night of old

New Year New Me

#100happydays_Day 29_I just love my new

My Happy Hoop

Stardust polypro hoops

Stardust Polypro

My new tape for Dragon boat festival in

Collapsable Hoop

Which hoop is your favourite_

Polypro and HDPE Hoops

8” polypro.

7/8 polypro