My Story

 I'm a stay at home, homeschooling, RV living Mom of 4. You read it right, my husband and I live in a fifth wheel with our 4 children and I homeschool them all. To some this bit of information might not seem relevant but this is where it continues.

Flash back 25-30 years. I can still see Grandpa pulling into the farm yard after being at a farm sale. His chest was puffed out and his face beaming. Excited to see Grandpa I ran over to the truck, he reached into the box and pulled out an old hula hoop. I put it on and gave it a spin, I was able to keep it going, it felt wonderful. My joy made Grandpa smile even bigger. He was so proud of the $1 he spent for that hoop ( it was probably $1 new lol). I spent hours walking around the farm, upstairs and down, out to the barn, the corrals, and Dad's shop. That hoop was one of my favorite and most memorable toys as a child.

I got back into hooping because of my daughter. One day she had a bug and she slept all day. When she woke (just before bedtime) she was feeling better and very awake. Like most kids who feel better after a long nap she was not ready for bed at bedtime. To help her wind down a bit we allowed her to watch TV for awhile as I cuddled with her. One show we watched was about a kid making a hula hoop. She was hooked and in love, we had to make one.  That is what she wanted to do for her Daddy daughter date. My husband agreed, but he was only going to make 1 hoop.

Yeah right 1 hoop + 4 kids = bad math.

I researched the project and ordered the hoop supplies. I ordered enough to make 4 kids hoops and 2 adult hoops. No, my husband does not hoop, I just haven't grown up yet and love hooping. After 2 weeks of hooping 10-15 minutes a day I lost an inch off my waist, straightened my functional scoliosis and improved my digestion. Over the span of 6 months I lost 11" off my waist and dropped 20 lbs.

As the weather got warmer we started playing outside by the beach. Morning walkers stopped to watch and some asked to try. I love sharing my passions with others so I handed them my hoop. To the surprise of  many they were actually able to do it. So I researched more and learned about the different sizes, weights and materials. I love making hoops everyone can use. As interest grew so did my desire to learn more so I could help others acheive their goals. Not only do I build custom hoops but I am a certified Hoop Love coach and I teach hoop fitness classes.